Every Adventure Has A Beginning

Kevin O’Brien SJ states in his book “The Ignatian Adventure “Great adventures often have the most unexpected beginnings. For me, this adventure started about a year ago. I was questioning my company’s philosophies on leadership. Most specifically servant leadership. Was I really the servant leader I told everyone I was? Was my passion the people not profits? As I googled servant leadership, Jesus came up, but so did this guy Saint Ignatius. Boy did I latch on to him. Over the course of the last 9 months, I have studied and read about Saint Ignatius. I began to identify with the key characteristics of Ignatian Spirituality.


St Ignatius Writing the Spiritual Exercises.

For me, my introduction to Saint Ignatius has been in the making for a very long time, I was just not aware of it. When I asked my spiritual director Cynthia “why now at 53” she came back with the most simple but awesome response “it took as long as it needed to take.”

On Oct 9th of this year, I began my spiritual journey at the Campion Center in Weston Ma. With the guidance of my spiritual director Cynthia, she will navigate with me The Spiritual Exercises In Everyday Life (19th Annotation). Adding to this excitement is my month long pilgrimage in September 2015 along the Camino Ignaciano. Loyola Spain to Manresa.

October 9th had me leaving the Berkshires on a beautiful fall day. I ended up in another bucolic New England setting.
Campion Center Weston Ma.  image

Ignatius Tidbit:
Inigo Lopez De Loyola Born in 1491. The 13th child born into minor nobility.

I find it interesting that I have grown up hearing how great the Jesuits (Society of Jesus founded by Saint Ignatius in 1540) are. Many family members have been educated at BC High as well as Boston College. It was not until I GOOGLED servant leadership that I began to realize they were indeed correct. Finding God In All Things is the cornerstone to Ignatian Spirituality. I guess I found God on GOOGLE!

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