The significance of a bridge.

How often do you think about bridges?  Not much I bet. It was not until I decided to walk the Camino Ignaciano (The route Ignatius of Loyola walked to Manresa) that I recognized the significance of bridges. The path I’m on now is bringing me through many peaks and valleys, very seldom straight and never easy to navigate. This path is also leading me to Manresa Spain. In the center of Catalonia Spain, Manresa is a city full of history. It was in Manresa where Ignatius received divine inspiration along the river banks of the Cardener, and the greatest gift of all, his Spiritual Exercises came to life in “The Cave”. It is in this city that Ignatius would find God in everything.

What about that bridge? I look forward to September 2015. This is when I arrive at the Pont Vell (Old Bridge). photo 1

I pray at this point, the sturdy straight path of the Pont Vell will guide me into Manresa where I may experience that special moment of grace.

I need to find this painting by Ernest Descals upon my arrival. I have just the place to hang it! image


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