Purple to Rose

The heavy lifting of recognizing sin continues this week as I reflect on my history of sin  (SE 55-61).

My reflection brought me back to my younger days in Quincy MA, happy days with many family memories.imageimage

We lived in a section of Quincy known as Squantum. A two lane causeway would lead us to this gem I called home. Surrounded by water on all sides, “simple” is the first word that comes to mind when I think back to my time here. imageA mixture of blue-collar workers and middle class families made up the population. In the heart of Squantum was the Catholic Parish “Star Of The Sea Church”. It was here that I committed one of  my first sin. After mass, I would watch the older folks rolling all the coins that they accumulated during the collection. They had the system down. After they finished, they would put the rolled coins in a wooden draw located in the back of the church. It was at this point that “good vs evil” took over, evil won. Each Sunday afternoon I would make my way over to the side door of the church. In stealth form I would sneak to that wooden draw, and fill my pockets with 2-3 rolls of coins.  The only good that came from this was that I kept the money in the neighborhood. Harry’s Market would sell a bunch of candy on Monday after school.Time and location was a big part of this reflection. I gather from my memory that my first haul of the coins happened around Christmas. I recall nervously walking back home with my pockets filled. My next delinquent act would be to stop at the manger in front of the rectory and throw snowballs at the figures. The final episode of ” pitching to Mary” ended with the priest chasing me all the way home, only to be stopped by my younger sister. ” Father you leave my brother alone”.

As Advent begins, I will commit to the following:

1. I will not throw any snowballs at the manger.

2. At Christmas Mass I will drop a $100 bill in the collection to replace all the rolled nickels that lined my pockets.

3. I will be working at being patient, for the rose candle and my journey of faith.

The memory of my mother sharing the Advent calendar with my family puts a smile on my face. Yes I was always that kid who would skip ahead and open the coming days.

Daily advent calendar reflection: http://www.loyolapress.com/advent-calendar-for-adults.htm

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