The thirst

“Here we begin a journey following the paths of the Ignatian Way, from Loyola to Manresa and Barcelona. A pilgrim road springs from an initiative, in this case that of the Society of Jesus, and tasked to me and my two fellow adventurers, Jaime Badiola sj. and Christopher Lowney, by the superior provincials. In late 2010 we started designing this new pilgrimage for the 21st century, following the footsteps of San Ignacio, our holy founder. The goal we set ourselves was apostolic and so the Spiritual Exercises were a core element from the outset. We understood that a path of pilgrimage should always be a tool in the service of human beings, of their growth as a person in the service of ideals and in response to the inner search for meaning and happiness. This is how the Ignatian Way was born, with over thirty volunteers from five different countries, embarking on a journey centred on the Ignatian spirit and legacy”. (Jose Luis Irberri S.J)
Father Irberri has been a good source of information and inspiration for me. Based in Barcelona, it was Father Irberri’s vision to create the Ignatian Way. Please click on link below to learn more.

Click to access The%20Ignatian%20Way%20a%20healing%20way%20to%20Freedom%202015.pdf

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