Two Words

I’m one lucky guy. Putting aside my daily devotion to God, I have a Thursday every week that is awesome. I drive for 3 hours to Campion, the Jesuit Retreat Center in Weston. I spend at least 1 hour alone in the chapel. I look so forward to this time of stillness and peace. The next hour is dedicated to conversation with Cynthia , my Spiritual Director. She has become a beacon of sorts, that guiding friend. The ride home is a shorter 3 hours than the 3 hours down to Campion. A reflection on the days thoughts at 65 mph. A little silence coupled with some selected Pandora music, lately Van Morrison. This past Thursday I made a detour to St. Ignatius Church on the campus of Boston College. You  may recall the wonderful experience I had here weeks back. My intention was to attend 12:15 mass. When I opened my eyes after some in and out conversations with God it was 12:30. I was the only soul in the church. The old expression ” right church wrong pew”. It occurred to me it was supposed to be that way. The only way I can describe this church is with one word….magic. My time praying in this church has always resulted in providing me with an inner feeling of peace. image Sitting in St. Ignatius, my conversations with God were scattered. I found myself reflecting on Jesus as being human. I have struggled with this for some time. During the Second Week of The  Spiritual Exercises, we focus on Jesus being fully human as well as fully divine. At times we put humanity and divinity in separate categories, Jesus shows us they are one. As we become aware in the Second Week, the path to divinity is through our humanity not around it. “The more we express our humanity in loving, healing, forgiving, serving, and rejoicing, the more our divinity is revealed.” ( Fr Kevin O’Brien SJ) Leaving St. Ignatius on Thursday I was glancing at each Station of the Cross. I was drawn to Station 4. That is when Jesus meets his mother. image I was directed to this image for a reason. Love, compassion. The gentle touch. The eyes locking. What was being said in that moment? I could only imagine what I would be expressing to one of my children at an end of life situation. Possibly no words were spoken. A day earlier I was reading John 11:1-44, Jesus learns of his friend Lazarus death. It was John 11:35 that gave me pause. Two words, “Jesus Wept”. At times we try to understand these mysteries in dramatic ways. Last week through scripture and an image, God reveled to me in a way I could understand, just how human Jesus was.

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