Happy Easter

“All the apple trees came out in blossom Good Friday. It rained and got colder, but today is very bright with a pure sky. The willow is full of green. Things are all in bud.And in my heart, the deepest peace, Christ’s clarity, lucid and quiet and ever-present as eternity. On these big feasts you come out on top of a plateau in the spiritual life to get a new view of everything. Especially Easter. Easter is like what it will be entering eternity when you suddenly, peacefully, clearly recognize all your mistakes as well as all that you did well: everything falls into place.”—Thomas Merton, diary entry for Easter Sunday, March 28, 1948.

You need to die before you can live. Parts of me have died during this Easter season. Most notably some of the sadness in my life that has been an anchor. I attribute this personal resurrection to the gift of entering into a relationship with God. Being guided by St Ignatius and the Spiritual Exercises, Cynthia my spiritual director but most specifically my wife Mary. The support and space Mary has given me is essential to this journey. In a recent conversation with Jesus on Good Friday, He spoke to me clearly during this day of darkness. “I’m excited for you” was the message from the cross. It was a very similar expression of support Mary shows me daily. Today I’m grateful. Just simply grateful. Happy Easter

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