Our Busy Days

What is this family waiting for as they look out the window? Maybe dad is coming home from a long day at work? Maybe the mailman delivering the college acceptance letter? Could it be the coming of Advent?

What if this Advent, we allow ourselves to imagine a life that is different? What if our hearts were at peace and our lives more satisfying? That longing in the most hidden corners of our hearts is something holy, a Holy Longing, a desire for a deeper relationship with God. Could this be what we are waiting for?

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. It also marks the time that we begin to prepare for Christmas. We make list, we prepare, we worry. The pace is fast and we concern ourselves with what parties we should or should not attend. Stop. In today’s Gospel Luke speaks to us:

“Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy from … the anxieties of daily life….” Luke 21

So what are the first steps we take to enter Advent? We can slow down and step away from our messy lives. Let ourselves be who we are. Find the time to sit in silence and pray. Advent is letting God’s will be done in our hearts and in our everyday lives. Let your inner candle come alive and burn brightly this Advent.


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