Regifting is ok

Pope Francis has opened the Holy Door at St. Peter’s to mark the start of The Year of Mercy. The motto of the Holy Year is ” Merciful Like the Father.” Here is the official logo that was designed by Father Marko Rupnik S.J.

Logo for Holy Year of Mercy

Sitting with and reflecting on the motto “Merciful Like the Father” left me cataloging the basic corporal and spiritual works of mercy opportunities that I may encounter each day. From this pondering I was guided to recall my gift of mercy that I  recently received when I was poor. Spiritually poor. My conversion as Andy Otto points out came from God’s heart of mercy. It was from this place, receiving the gift of God’s mercy that will allow me to practice mercy like the Father. Saint Ignatius so often stated ” love ought to manifest itself more by deeds than by words.” In the coming days as we approach Christmas,  I plan on placing my mercy in a box, wrapping it up and sharing it with those who need it. Who said regifting was a bad thing.



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