Within Desire God Speaks To Us

“My sheep hear my voice.” -John 10:27

To be honest I was not sure what I was more excited for this past weekend. To watch my daughter Maeve experience the campus that she will call home for the next 4 years, or for me, being surround by like minded families and 150 acres of Jesuit tradition. Visiting Loyola University Maryland is always a treat. This gem in higher education tucked away in suburban Baltimore has so much to offer.

Sitting in two seminars Saturday I found myself tearing up. The emotions were not of sadness. These tears were not that I was letting my daughter go. These tears were God speaking to me. I was asking myself ” did Saint Ignatius enter my heart years ago so I could share  this moment with Maeve?”  The gratefulness I was feeling Saturday was God reminding me in a small way how God speaks to us.FullSizeRender

Our day at Loyola was finishing up at the information meeting for those interested in majoring in Speech and Pathology. Desire in Ignatian  Spirituality has us listening to our hearts. Our deepest desires are what God desires for us. When the faculty member was mentioning the ways in which you can use Speech Pathology as a career, she touched on the shortage of therapists working with kids that have Down Syndrome. Upon that statement I hear Maeve quietly mutter “I can see myself working with them.” It was at that moment, Maeve also heard God speaking to her on that sunny Saturday in Baltimore. It was one of our black and white moments!


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