A glance to the left

It was a year ago today that I began walking the Ignatius Camino. Looking at my pictures today from Spain through a different lens had me reflecting on the question “what came from this journey?” After 300 miles of picture taking, my “feature” picture for this blog post is my favorite. The orange arrow was my compass on the Camino. Whenever I spotted an arrow after many miles, I felt comfort, I knew I was being guided in the right direction. The sky was blue, the sun was warm. In front of me was Montserrat. Looking back, this was the stage God prepared for me. As the curtain slowly came up,so did the lesson on humility.

God’s love is the source of our identity.  I realize now ,my time in Spain allowed me to identify my false self. As God opened my eyes on top of this serrated mountain,it became a bit clearer He wanted me to find my true self. As Thomas Merton mentions ” escaping the prison of our own false self is growing in our own self-awareness.”

So back to the question of ” what came from this journey?

It is challenging to find your true self, but with reflection and prayer, God allows us to recognize the true self.

The awareness we do find is a gift of grace. It comes to us from the love of God who awakens us when He feels the time is right.

The power of a walk, 300 miles or 3 miles. Being alone with God is powerful.

Waking up today was much different than a year ago. First thing I do is show my gratitude towards God by thanking Him.

Driving to work today was different than a year ago. It was the glance to the left that made me smile when I saw the sun coming up over the mountains. Not only did I smile but I chuckled and teared up a bit. I thanked  Saint Ignatius, the man who really changed my life. A simple glance to the left, how easy it is to find God in all things once you find your true self.IMG_1002











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