A question to me

“But who do you say that I am?”-Luke 9

When Jesus asked his disciples this question above, Peter had a darn good answer. But not the complete answer Jesus wanted to hear.

In a similar setting as today’s Gospel, I sit praying alone, it’s Father’s Day.  I asked myself how would my family answer the question if it was asked about me ” But who do you say that I am?” I’m sure the answers would be spot on as Peters answer, but possibly not to level of detail that I would like to hear. In today’Gospel, Jesus asks his followers to hold that thought and don’t tell anyone, just yet. Jesus continued and shared with the disciples what His life is going to look like. His true identity was exposed. 

A loving father, a good husband an ethical business owner. These might be some of the answers I would hope I would hear. It would be a this point that I would say, stop, don’t tell anyone , watch me, listen to me.  In the daily sufferings of life we have the opportunities to open our hearts to God and follow him.  Jesus promises that by dying to our selfish preoccupations and rising in loving service of others, we will find the life God promises us. What if my family turned the table and asked me the question ” but who do say that I am? 

“I’m a father who is not perfect. I’m a father who is weak without the light of God in my life. I’m a father who is most happy when our family is all together. I’m a father that with each passing day understands the true meaning of love. Most importantly I’m a grateful father . I’m a father who is grateful for the glancing view in this blog picture. It was on this day the clouds in my life evaporated. My sky turned blue and my chin came up. That day God blessed me with a gift, a gift that has been re gifted to you, my family. Your father on this Fathers Day now has clearer eyes, a love filled heart and a life companion in God that I share with you through my words and deeds”. Watch me, listen to me, in time, someone will be asking you “But who do you say that I am.” Happy Father’s Day to all.

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