Sitting in a chair

God has a way to set you straight. Multi tasking while in prayer never ends well. This morning I found myself in a  conversation with God while I was pondering my weekend travels to Boston, tribulations with kids and a college drop off in the coming weeks. I was grateful, sad, excited and worried with no particular focus. Needless to say, God heard my confusion and petty worries and introduced me to the video of Omran Daqneesh.

I have four portraits of my kids about the same age as Omran hanging on our living room  wall. In those pictures my kids are sitting barefoot surrounded by a beautiful gold frame. I added a fifth portrait to that wall this morning wishing so much Omran could have been surround by gold and not Orange. Watching Omran raise his hand to his bloody head filled my eyes with tears. I tried to imagine what he was thinking while he looked down at his blood soaked hand? What was the significance of the wiping of his hand on the seat? My hopes are Omran saw God in his palm and as Jesus did on the cross said “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34

It is sad I got to know Omran through this video and not as a neighbor or  as a child I coached. God placed Omran into my life today when I needed clarity to see how blessed I am.




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