Cura Personalis

“Care for the whole person”. I love the picture associated with this blog post. I always find myself imagining what the conversation is like between the young Jesus and His father. Who really is the teacher? Joseph I firmly believe had a large role in teaching Jesus the trade of carpentry. It was through these interactions of teacher and student that a loving relationship was being built. With that said, school days are here again.

As a family, we are blessed to  have two members this fall under the guidance of a Jesuit education. What has always drawn me to the Jesuit way is the philosophy of “Cura Personalis”. It was not until I completed my first week of study that I began lecturing myself as I would one of my kids about self  respect. I found myself comparing my work to other classmates. I was writing and commenting in a fashion that was not the authentic me. I was trying to be someone I was not. Fr. James Martin addressed the students at Fordham University recently and he reminded them to have “reverence”. The address from Fr.Martin was timely and once again the God of surprises shows up when you need Him most. He concluded his talk speaking about Saint Ignatius and how Ignatius, after making many poor choices in life began a tradition of “healthy and life giving decisions.” Regardless if you are 18 or 55 in college, the message is to be your authentic self. Care for yourself mentally and physically. As Ignatius did so well, listen to your interior life and let your deepest desires control your decision making. I hope and pray that at least two Shines can  learn the art of Ignatian Discernment. It will be through our words and deeds we will influence those around us to live for others first. Remember “sometimes going ahead means making a U-Turn.”






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