A letter to Sammy Boy

Dear Sammy,

Sadly I admit, today was the first time you have entered my morning prayer. I prayed that you have arrived in peace to your final resting place. I’m left with the question, why did you not enter my holy heart sooner?

Sammy it was your unconditional love that made you the special beagle you became. You were a member of a big family and you adjusted well. You  became a Shine in many ways, but what sticks out was your welcoming beagle bark as guests entered the house. It was not until they leaned down and acknowledged you that you would simmer down. You would drop to the ground and roll over for a tummy rub. I must say I was always a bit nervous that the US Postal Service would one day make our lives miserable. But like you did with so many, you even won the hearts of those guys in blue.  You would verbally abused the poor mailman each day with your bark and run to a window on each floor until he was out of sight. Sammy, those 3:00pm moments of rage drove me crazy, but I would welcome them back today.

Over the last few years, you began to turn grey, your walks became shorter and your naps became longer. You aged well and even through some suffering you remained the proud and loyal beagle we all admired and loved. I think Mary will miss you the most as you two had a special relationship. Thank you for bringing her a dose of joy each day. Maggie loved you.  I recall she had a tough time saying goodbye to you in 2008 when she left for boarding school. Something tells me she came back this past weekend to say goodbye to you one final time:). Patrick, like me, loved you but was a little less patient with your antics. I would catch him from time to time hanging out with you showing you his love. For Maeve, you have a very special place in her heart. She truly enjoyed your kisses. Yesterday I saw the love Molly had for you. You two were brought up together as a young pup and a young child. Her goodbye yesterday was gentle and brave.

Sammy,  we should all strive at conducting ourselves like you did . Loving, forgiving, patient, non judgmental, loyal and a kid at heart. I will be keeping my eye out for you my friend as I know you will be on the horizon making sure we are all safe and happy. Chase some cars, bark all you want and keep that nose down. Thank you for being a Shine. You left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Love ya,







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